Outlook folder missing



If email messages have suddenly gone missing in Outlook 2016. Often the reason for a missing folder is the folder has moved inside another folder.

Looking at the sidebar in Outlook, you will see the name  of your account (i.e. your email address, Exchange, Dartmouth, etc)), and there is a triangle to the left of the account name, you can click on that triangle to show/hide the full list of folders.

Other folders in your mailbox may also have the triangle icon to the left of the folder name, this indicates that there are folders (known as sub-folders) inside that folder. Click the triangle to show/hide those folders.

To move the folder,

  • In the Folder list, click and hold on the folder name, then drag the folder to a new location in the folder list.


If you can't see any of your folders in Outlook, the Sidebar may be hidden.

  • To unhide in Outlook for Mac, click the View menu and choose Sidebar from the list. This places a checkmark in front of Sidebar so that it now will be visible
  • In Outlook for Windows, click the View menu. Choose Folder Pane from the Layout group. Then choose Off from the list. This removes the checkmark in front of Off so the folder pane will now be visible.



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