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To access a service that requires two-factor authentication using Duo, you can self-enroll in Duo following the steps below.

Note: it is recommended that you register more than one device with your Duo account (example: Mobile phone, Landline, DUO Token, Office phone)


  1. Go to https://2faenroll.dartmouth.edu/
  2. Enter your Dartmouth NetID and Password
  3. Choose Start Setup

Step Two: Choose Your Verification Method

Choose the device type in the list that matches your desired authentication experience:

  • Duo Mobile (Recomended): Approve Duo Push verification requests on iOS or Android devices, or generate a one-time passcode from the Duo Mobile app.
  • Security key: Tap a WebAuthn/FIDO2 security key. Requires Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.
  • Phone number: Receive a one-time passcode in an SMS message or approve a login attempt with a phone call from Duo.

Duo administrator or help desk can add hardware tokens and Yubikey OTP tokens for you. These verification options do not show up in the list of available options.

Duo recommends the most secure option of the methods available to you, so it's a good idea to set up that method first if you have a device that supports it.


 Duo Mobile (Recomended)
 Security Key
 Phone Number 

Step Four: Add a Backup Method

It's a good idea to add a second verification method that you can use as a backup if the first method you added isn't available to you at some point, like if you lose or forget your phone and need to log in with Duo, or if you want to access an application from a different MacBook than the one you used to set up Touch ID in Duo.

When you click Continue after registering your first verification method, Duo prompts you to add another one.


Choose any of the available methods and proceed through the steps for adding it. If you don't want to add another method at this time, click Skip for now.

After you add a second login verification method, or if you chose to skip it, you'll arrive at the end of the Duo setup process. Click Log in with Duo to log in to the application using the Duo method you just added.





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