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Need to order and purchase Dartmouth equipment? Start here!


Need a Repair?

Our technical staff in the Repair Shop can service computers, and some mobile devices. We are authorized warranty service providers for Dell, HP and Apple but can also repair many other brands. We sell and install system components including memory, solid state drives, and hard drives.

Repair Shop


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Open: 9am-4pm Monday-Friday
Lower Level of McNutt Hall

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Call: (603) 646-3249


Order and Purchase Dartmouth Equipment

If you are making a Dartmouth purchase with a Chart String, please use our request form.

If you're unsure what to order, please get in touch with the Computer Store for recommendations or estimates. You can also browse the online catalog (this site!) to learn what we carry, but please use the order form here for any Dartmouth purchases.

The Computer Store has access to a robust distribution channel and can often place special orders for items not regularly kept in stock. Please inquire through the form or call.

You can also visit us in the lower level of McNutt Hall, Open: 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.

Purchase Software

If you need to purchase a software license for Microsoft: Project, Visio, PowerBI Pro, or Adobe: Creative Cloud, Acrobat Pro, please make a license request through our form.

Personal Purchases (with a Credit Card)

Make personal computer and equipment purchases through the online catalog and take advantage of great education pricing, and since we're located in New Hampshire, there is no sales taxes!

If you are a new and incoming student, please view our recommendations and technology requirements.


Dartmouth Equipment Programs

Computer Assurance Program (CAP)

The CAP program equips eligible faculty and staff with tested, predictable, and reliable hardware and software configurations resulting in computers that are easier to use and fully supported by Information, Technology and consulting. 

Available to: Eligible Faculty and Staff

Computer Options

Orders should be placed by your department equipment manager

Dean of the Faculty Program (DoF)

The Dean of the Faculty office has made available to all tenured and tenure-track faculty the opportunity to purchase a new computer from the Dartmouth Computer Store. You will be able to select from among Apple or HP computers that we have designated for this program. Alternatively, you may choose to make use of a one-time credit to put toward the purchase of a different computer package if that is more appropriate for your research and teaching needs. For current information, please visit the program page.

Available to: Faculty (Tenure/Tenure Track)



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