Splashtop SOS for Windows and Mac


How to install the Splashtop SOS client for remote support on Windows and Mac.


Follow these steps to install the Splashtop SOS client for remote support on Windows and Mac.

Table of Contents


  1. Open any browser - Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.
  2. Enter https://dartgo.org/sos-win
  3. A download should begin which will appear in the bottom left of your screen
    • You can also check your downloads folder if this file does not appear

  1. Open the file by clicking on it
  2. A window will pop up asking "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your Device"
    • Click Yes
  3. The following window below will pop up. 
    • Share the code provided in the window with the technician. 


  1. Open any browser - Safari, Firefox, Chrome.
  2. Check your download folder for Splashtop.dmg. Click Splashtop.dmg to open.
  3. Click cancel in MacOS warning window

  1. Open macOS Finder, under Location select Splashtop SOS
    • First, drag Splashtop SOS.app to Applications
    • Next, eject Splashtop SOS under Locations

  1. Open Applications, click Splashtop SOS to run, click open when macOS warning window appears.
  2. Next, update macOS Security & Privacy settings (in System Preferences).
    • Click on the padlock icon to unlock and make changes.
    • The Splashtop client will pop the UI in the screenshot below to help you navigate to the three required areas that need to be allowed. (Note: This is a one time setup that is required the first time you launch the client).
    • Allow Splashtop SOS in Accessibility, Screen Recording, and Full Disk Access.
  1. Quit and re-open Splashtop SOS client to allow the client to use the updated Security and Privacy settings.

  2. Give the Service Desk tech the nine digit code to allow remote access.



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