Should I Migrate My Workspace?

Follow the steps below to determine whether your workspace is a good candidate for migration.

No longer using your workspace?

Is your workspace a paid workspace?

Paid workspaces will be refunded once they are migrated. Why not take advantage of the Grid?

  • If yes, then we recommend you check out the next series of parameters to verify if the workspace is a candidate.
  • If not, then the workspace may still be a candidate for migration. Savings isn't the only benefit of joining the Grid.  Check out the benefits of the Dartmouth Slack Grid.

Does the workspace relate to Dartmouth?

Workspaces related to teaching, learning, research, business function, and/or activities (sanctioned or otherwise) are welcome on the Grid.

  • If yes, then continue below.
  • If no, then it is probably best to keep the workspace off the Grid.

Does this workspace have predominantly Dartmouth members in it?

Dartmouth members are active students, faculty or staff using a email account. Slack does not recommend migrating workspaces that have predominantly non-Dartmouth members (known as Community Workspaces) because of the difficulty in managing their permissions on the Grid. The Dartmouth Grid can still host community workspaces though this is done by creating the workspace on the grid initially.

  • If yes, then we recommend migrating. Please submit a Slack Migration request.
  • If no, the workspace can still be migrated but you, as a workspace owner or administrator, may have some steps to take to get your non-Dartmouth members settled in the workspace and grid appropriately.  Still unsure? Request a consultation.

Okay, I'd like to migrate my workspace!

  • Create a Slack Migration request and we'll be in touch, thanks. See you on the Grid!


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