Echo360 Sharing a Public Link

To generate a public link to a video from your Content Home

  1. Log into
  2. If necessary, click My Content from the left side of the Echo Home page to view all the content you own (you can only generate links for content you own).
  3. Use the Filters and/or Search box to find the item you want to create a link for.
  4. Hover over the media tile and click the Ellipses (...) button.
  5. Select Share from the media options menu, as shown in the below figure.
  6. The Individual tab appears by default. Click the Links tab at the top of the modal to open the Links list
  7. Click the Add Link button.
  8. A new link is immediately generated, and has fields and configurable options as follows:
    • Share link slider: When enabled (default), the link is active and anyone clicking the link plays the linked content. If deactivated (turn Share link slider off), the link itself remains valid but users clicking the link cannot view the content. This works to temporarily disable the link.
    • Description: Enter a description for the link. This is useful for identifying the purpose of the link or the location to which it is to be posted. The description is for your purposes only and does not appear outside of Echo360.
    • Start At: When enabled, allows you to set a 'starting location' for the video. Users can view the entirety of the video, but by default the video begins playing at the location you set.
    • Public access slider: When enabled (default), any person with the URL can view the video. Disabling this slider will require a user log into Echo360 to view the video (making access Private instead of Public)
    • Copy: Use the Copy button to copy the link URL to your clipboard for pasting into your desired location.
    • Embed: Use the Embed button to generate embed code to surround the link. This is described further in the next step. 
    • Delete: Permanently deletes the URL and its relationship with the content. If the URL remains posted publicly, clicking it will return a content not found error, as there is no longer any association between the URL and the content. 
  9. Click Done after copying the link.
  10. Paste the link into an email to the receipient you would like to share the video with.


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