Campus wireless upgrade


In the summer of 2019, ITC started a major initiative to upgrade all wireless infrastructure on campus. The project is estimated to take approximately 2 years to complete.

There are three steps to complete the wireless upgrade within a given building:

Active RF survey: contractors walk the building and take measurements to produce a proposed wireless design that meets or exceeds the requirements for good wireless network performance. This can usually be completed within one day, except for very large buildings (such as the central library complex). The final report outlines the locations in which wireless APs will be installed. Proposed designs usually become available 3-4 weeks after the survey.

Wiring AP locations: the wireless AP locations need Ethernet cabling to act as an uplink for the wireless radios. Contractors come in to install this wiring, together with any required wire mold or conduit. Several potential contractors are walked through the building to evaluate construction and submit bids for the job. One contractor is then awarded the project and usually starts work 2-3 weeks later. The wiring itself can usually be completed in 1-3 weeks, and depends heavily on the size of the building.

Install new wireless hardware: the new access points are connected to the new wiring and then fixed to the ceiling or walls. Once all APs are installed, the old wireless hardware is administratively disabled and the new APs start providing services. A short time later, someone removes all the old hardware. This step can usually be completed with one to two days.

See this KB article for more details on the three steps, the history of wireless at Dartmouth, and the scope and time lines for the upgrade.


Building Name  RF survey completed Wiring completed New wireless installed
37 Dewey Field Road       
53 Commons Done    
Achtmeyer Hall Done Done Done
Alpha Chi Alpha      
Alpha Delta      
Alpha Phi      
Alpha Xi Delta      
Alumni Gym      
Amarna Undergrad Society      
Andres Hall      
Aquinas House      
Asian Studies Center      
Baker Library Done Being scheduled  
Bartlett Hall      
Berry Hall      
Berry Library  Done 11/11  
Berry Sports Center      
Beta Alpha Omega      
Bildner Hall      
Bissell Hall      
Blunt Alumni Center Done Done Done
Boss Tennis Center      
Brace Commons      
Brown Hall      
Buchanan Hall Done Done Done
Burke Laboratory      
Burnham Athletic Building      
Burnham Athletic Soccer Field      
Butterfield Hall      
Byrne Hall Done Done Done
Byrne II Hall      
Canoe Club House      
Carpenter Hall Done Being scheduled  
Carson Hall Done 11/11  
Casque & Gauntlet      
Centerra 35      
Centerra 41      
Channing Cox      
Chase Hall Done Done Done
Chi Delta      
Chi Gamma Epsion      
Chi Herot      
Choate House      
Choate Road 06            
Choate Road 08      
Choate Road 13      
Church of Christ      
Cohen Hall      
College St      
Collis Student Center Being scheduled    
Corey Ford Rugby Center Done    
Crosby Street House Community      
Cummings Hall Done Done Done
Currier Place 04 Done Done Done
Cutter/Shabazz Hall      
Dana Library Done    
Dartmouth Child Care Ctr      
Dartmouth Hall      
Dartmouth Outing Club House Being scheduled    
Dartmouth Ski Way Done    
Dartmouth Storage      
Davis Varsity House      
Dewey Field (Grounds Garage)      
Epsilon Kappa Theta      
Etna Road 56      
Faculty Apartments      
Faculty House      
Fahey Hall      
Fairbanks North Being scheduled    
Fairbanks South Being scheduled    
Fairchild Hall Done Done Done
Fayerweather Hall Middle      
Fayerweather Hall North      
Fayerweather Hall South      
Floren Varsity House      
Foley House      
French Hall      
Gamma Delta Chi      
Gile Hall      
Gold Coast House Community      
Goldstein Hall      
Haldeman Hall      
Hallgarten Hall      
Hanover Country Club      
Heating Plant      
Hitchcock Hall      
Hood Annex      
Hood Museum of Art      
Hopkins Center   Being scheduled    
Ivy Lane 07      
Ivy Lane 09      
Judge Hall      
Kappa Delta      
Kappa Delta Epsilon      
Kappa Kappa Gamma      
Kappa Kappa Kappa      
Kellogg Auditorium Done Underway  
Kellogg Chiller Plant      
Kemeny Hall      
La Casa      
LaLac House      
Lebanon St 07       
Leverone Field House       
Life Science      
Little Hall      
Lodge Hall      
Lord Hall      
Maclean Hall Done Done Done
Massachusetts Middle      
Massachusetts North      
Massachusetts South      
Maxwell Hall      
McCulloch Hall      
McKenzie Hall      
McLane Hall      
Mcnutt Hall Being scheduled    
Memorial Field      
Montgomery House Done    
Moore Hall      
Morton Hall      
Murdough Center Done    
Native American House      
New Hampshire Hall      
North Dormitory      
North Park St 08      
North Park St 10      
North Park St 12      
North Park St 14      
North Park St 16      
North Park St 18      
North Park St 20      
North Park St 22      
North Park St 24      
Nugget Arcade      
Parker House      
Parkhurst Hall Done    
Phi Delta Alpha      
Phi Tau      
Pineau-Valencienne Hall      
Presidents House      
Psi Upsilon      
Raether Hall Done Done Done
Rauner Hall      
Raven House      
Red Rolfe Field Done Done Done
Reed Hall Done    
Remsen Hall Done Underway  
Richardson Hall      
Ripley Hall      
Robinson Hall Being scheduled    
Rockefeller Center Being scheduled    
Rollins Chapel Done    
Rope Ferry Road 01      
Rope Ferry Road 03      
Rope Ferry Road 05      
Rope Ferry Road 07      
Rope Ferry Road 11      
Roth Center      
Rowing Boat House      
Russell Sage Hall      
Sanborn House Done Being scheduled  
Scully-Fahey Field      
Shattuck Observatory Done    
Sherman House      
Sigma Alpha Epsilon      
Sigma Delta      
Sigma Nu      
Silsby Hall Being scheduled    
Smith Hall      
Softball Field      
South Main St 23      
South Main St 63      
South Street 12      
Steele Hall Done Done Done
Stell Hall Done    
Streeter Hall      
Sudikoff Laboratory      
The Tabard      
Theta Delta Chi      
Thomas Hall      
Thompson Arena      
Thornton Hall Done    
Topliff Hall      
Triangle House      
Tuck Hall Done    
Vail Hall Done Underway  
Visual Arts Center      
Webster Ave 18      
Webster Hall (Rauner)      
Wentworth Hall      
Wheeler Hall      
Whipple Building      
Whittemore Dormitory      
Wilder Laboratory      
Wilson Hall      
Woodbury Hall Done Done Done
Woodward Hall      
Zeta Psi      
Zimmerman Hall      



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