Ready to Join Dartmouth's Enterprise Dropbox Team?

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Who can join the Dartmouth Enterprise Team?

  • Current Dartmouth College Students, Faculty and Staff that are using Dropbox for their Dartmouth College work.
  • Go to

Advantages of Joining the Dartmouth Enterprise Team

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Remote access to your account
  • Advanced collaboration features
  • A pro-rated refund on your current account
    • Important Notes about getting a pro-rated refund from an individual account:
      • The primary email on the individual account must match the person's primary Dartmouth email address and this needs to be done BEFORE accepting the invitation to the Dartmouth Enterprise team.
      • A person's primary Dartmouth email address is usually

I'd like to retain my Dropbox individual account

  • You can retain your existing Dropbox account in one of two ways: a personal email like a account or an alias to your account. 
  • The Dartmouth Enterprise team will also exist for you under your primary email should you choose to leverage it at a future date.

Have a Dropbox Individual account?

  • Merge your individual account into the Dartmouth Enterprise Team

    • After October 9, 2019, you need to contact the Service Desk to assist with the merger.
      • Click here to request a merger.
    • The Service Desk has to delete your Dartmouth Enterprise Team account then you will immediately need to do the following:
      • Edit your primary email on your individual account to match your Dartmouth primary email address.
        • Log into your personal Dropbox account.
        • Click on your avatar on the right side and select Settings.
        • You will see your Primary email and can edit it.
    • Once the emails match and our provisioning syncing script has run (~ every 4 hours)  you will see alert notifications in Dropbox to assist you with the merge.
      • Provisioning syncing scripts runs daily at:

0200 (2 AM)
1400 (2 PM)

  • Want your individual account to remain as an individual account?

    • If the email on the individual account is different than your Dartmouth email, you are all set.
    • If the email on the individual account is the same as your primary Dartmouth email then you will be given the option below. You will need to change the email to a personal email address.  Individual Dropbox accounts will no longer be able to use the Dartmouth primary email addresses.



On a Dropbox Business Team account?

  • Business Team Administrators are responsible for merging their Business teams to the Dartmouth Enterprise Team.
    • NOTE: Business Teams not required to merge into the Dartmouth Enterprise Team.
    • If your Business Team decides not to merge and your email on that team is your primary Dartmouth email address, you will not be able to join the Dartmouth Enterprise Team. This is because the same email address cannot be on more than one team.
    • If a Business Team has a user with a non-Dartmouth email address (i.e. someone from, the Business Team Admin will have to "off-board" the user.
      • These non-Dartmouth users cannot be part of the Dartmouth Enterprise team. 
      • To "off-board" the non-Dartmouth user they need to have the user create an individual account and then share with that new individual account.


Important Notes

  • If you are not part of the Box migration, instructions on how to log into Dartmouth's Enterprise Dropbox Team will be in future communications to the Dartmouth community.
  • The amount of time Dropbox stores previous versions of your files is 120 days.
  • An email address can only be associated with one Dropbox team account.
  • Your email address on the Dartmouth Enterprise Team is your primary email address at Dartmouth.
    • A person's primary Dartmouth email address is usually
    • Individual Dropbox accounts will no longer be able to use primary Dartmouth email addresses, these are reserved for the Enterprise Team.
  • If you had Box data moved to Dropbox - Please read this information about Nested Sharing Permissions
    • Subfolders in Box inherit sharing attributes of their parent folder and can additionally be shared with other users. This is called nested sharing. Dropbox does not support this nested sharing feature.
    • Thus, a subfolder in Dropbox will have the same sharing attributes as its parent folder.

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