Jive FAQs

Can I make international calls with Jive?

Yes. All faculty and staff phones in Dartmouth's Jive system are configured to be allowed to make international calls. See https://support.goto.com/jive/help/how-do-i-make-an-international-call-jive-make-international-call for step-by-step instructions. 

Can I set up my phone to receive faxes rather than having a designated fax line?

Yes. By default, all phones in Dartmouth's Jive system are configured so that if a fax is sent to that phone number, it is automatically sent as an attachment to the email address attached to that phone number. 

Can I set up my phone to send faxes rather than having a designated fax line?

Rather than using your phone, you would use your Dartmouth email account. Jive allows Dartmouth to set up virtual fax numbers for departments that need outgoing fax capabilities. You enter that virtual fax number in the Subject field of your email message, and it gets treated as a fax. 

If you or your department require this functionality, submit at request at https://services.dartmouth.edu/TDClient/1806/Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=40263. Once ITC sets up a virtual fax for your department, you can send faxes from any computer where you can log into your Dartmouth email account. See https://support.goto.com/jive/help/how-do-i-send-a-virtual-fax-jive-send-virtual-fax for step-by-step information.

How does Jive handle 911 calls?

When using Dartmouth’s new phone system, if you call 911, the location to which the emergency responders are deployed is dependent upon where the call originates:

  • If you call from Jive mobile, wherever your cellular carrier thinks you are;
  • If you call from GoToConnect, your default Dartmouth location;
  • If you call from a desk phone, the room where the phone is assigned;
  • If you call from a Web browser, your default Dartmouth location. 

Important!: If you call 911 from a GoToConnect softphone or via a Web browser, and you are not located near your default Dartmouth location, 911 will not know that. They will send responders to the location where your computer or desk phone typically resides. Therefore, if you are in a different location, you MUST tell the 911 dispatcher you are requiring assistance at a different location, and the location where you are currently located.

How do I control my "presence" indicator in GoToConnect, Jive Mobile or on my desk phone?

Your presence indicator is controlled automatically based upon whether you are on a call or not. Your presence changes to busy when you are connected to another caller (not just when you're dialing or the phone is ringing). Your presence automatically changes to available when you hang up. 

You can set "do not disturb" so that even if you're not on a call, others calling you via Jive will see you're not available. 

Presence is automatically displayed in GoToConnect; in the Jive mobile client, you need to enable it by touching Settings, then Show favorite's presence. Presence is only available on a desk phone for other lines that you monitor on your desk phone. This requires administrative privileges to enable. 

How do I forward my phone to another number?

If you are going to be going to the other location and logging in to your phone on another desktop phone, see https://services.dartmouth.edu/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=86222

If you want to forward your calls to someone else for a period of time: 

  1. Dial *72 from your Jive phone.
  2. Listen for the dial tone and enter your forwarding destination. This can be an internal extension or an external number.
  3. When finished, just hang up.

To disable call forwarding:

  1. Dial *73 from your Jive phone
  2. Hang up

Can I see missed calls?

Yes. There is a phone activity report that shows you all calls that come to your phone (regardless of whether you answered them), and all calls that you placed. If you use multiple devices for your phone (e.g. desk phone and jive mobile client) the activity report is just for the device that you're running it on. 

  • To see the activity report in GoToConnect or in my.jive.com, click   in the left column. 
  • To see the activity report (also called Recents) in Jive Mobile,click   at the bottom of the Jive mobile window.  
  • To see the activity report (also called Recent calls) on a Poly phone, press Directory, then Recent Calls

My audio is choppy sometimes on calls on GoToConnect. How do I fix that?

This can happen if you have too many applications running at the same time as you're on the call. Try closing some of the other applications. 

Can I find the name of someone who called me based upon their phone number?

Yes. Within GoToConnect, click Contacts in the left column. In the Enter number or search for contact field, enter the 5 digit extension of the person who called you. The name associated with that extension will appear.

Can I call someone using their name rather than their phone number on the Jive Mobile app?

Yes. On the Dialer screen, use the numeric keypad to enter their name rather than their number. However, unlike on a desk phone, you don't need to type a number multiple times to indicate a letter that is not the first letter associated with that number. For example, to pull up all the "frank"'s in the phone directory, type "37265". You'll then see a list of all names in the directory that have "frank" in them or that have "37265" in them. Touch the name you want to dial. 

What is a "dialable password"?

Jive uses three passwords: the one that is associated with your Dartmouth NetID that is used to log into the software-based phones (e.g. GoToConnect, Jive mobile, my.jive.com); the one you're prompted for when logging into the Jive voicemail system; and the dialable password. You are prompted for your Jive dialable password when you try to do access restricted actions, such as "hot desk" into a Poly phone, or make an international phone call. 


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