Installing GoToConnect Mobile

  1. Download the "GoToConnect" app from the Apple or Google App Store.
    Note: If you previously had the Jive Mobile app, you will be prompted to update to GoToConnect Mobile and can follow the instructions there to get GoToConnect mobile. 
  2. Restart your phone after the app is installed.
  3. Open the GoToConnect app on your smart phone and touch Sign In
  4. In the Email address field, enter <your> as your email address (e.g. and touch Next then Continue
  5. When the Dartmouth web authentication screen appears, enter your Dartmouth NetID and password, and Duo if prompted. 
    Note: If you're prompted for a password rather than seeing the WebAuthentication screen something is wrong. Click the Not you? link above the Password field to return to the Email Address field. Confirm that your NetID is correct; that you've spelled "Dartmouth" correctly; etc. If your email address looks correct, there is something wrong with your profile in the phone system. In this event, go to Report a Phone Problem to report the issue to ITC. 

For additional information about using the GoToConnect mobile app, go to, click Apps, Phones & Fax, then GoToConnect Mobile or see the Quick Reference Card available at Quick Reference Cards


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