Dropbox Enterprise Team account at Dartmouth

Hey Dartmouth Community,

Rumor has it that you like Dropbox, so we're happy to announce that Dropbox is now at Dartmouth!

Who can join the Dartmouth Enterprise Team?

  • Current Dartmouth College Students, Faculty and Staff that are using Dropbox for their Dartmouth College work.
  • Go to dropbox.dartmouth.edu

Advantages of Joining the Dartmouth Enterprise Team

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Remote access to your account
  • Advanced collaboration features
  • A pro-rated refund on your Plus or Professional account
    • Important Notes about getting a pro-rated refund from an individual account:
      • The primary email on the individual account must match the person's primary Dartmouth email address and this needs to be done BEFORE accepting the invitation to the Dartmouth Enterprise team.
      • A person's primary Dartmouth email us usually firstname.m.lastname@dartmouth.edu


  • Mid-November 2019 - Soft launch of Dropbox, to assist in migrating people from Box.
  • December - February 2020 - Full launch of Dropbox

Dropbox Quick Reference Guides

I still have questions!

Thank you for your support,

Information, Technology and Consulting
Office of IT, Geisel School of Medicine
Thayer School Computing Services
Information Technology at Tuck School


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