Replacing Dartmouth's Phone System

Dartmouth selected Jive (now LogMeIn/GoToConnect) to be our cloud-based voice provider, replacing our on-premises telephone system.   

Table of Contents

What is not changing

  • Dartmouth phone numbers
  • 5 digit dialing - dial another Dartmouth number by typing the last 5 digits of the number (e.g. 62999)

What is changing

  • Software-based and hardware-based options for phones
  • No need to dial 8 before dialing an off-campus number
  • eFaxing
  • Voicemail to email with automatic deletion from your desk phone

What are my phone options

  • Options for replacing current desktop phones include:
    • Softphones (GoToConnect Desktop)
    • Apps for smart phones and tablets (GoToConnect Mobile)
    • Web browser (
    • Desktop phones (Poly)
  • Software-based phones (GoToConnect Desktop and Mobile and are an ideal solution in many instances as they provide voice communications on your computer or smart phone using a display similar to a standard desk phone, but also allow for:
    • location flexibility - where your computer goes, your office phone goes; 
    • text messaging - within the same app; 
    • easy integration with Dartmouth's directory - you don't need a separate app to find phone numbers; 
    • real-time visibility of your team member's presence - so you only call people who are able to answer the phone; 
    • more space on your desk - you no longer have a physical phone taking up space;
  • ITC will provide a wired headset for those who opt for a software-based phone, and a desk phone for those who opt for a traditional phone.
  • Those who opt to use a smart phone or tablet can install the GoToConnect Mobile app on their smart phone or tablet at no charge.

Migration timeline

  • Phones will be replaced on a department-by-department basis.
  • The project team will reach out to departments to go over the details, phone options, and to plan a transition date that works for them.
  • Prior to the "stay at home" orders, all of Dartmouth's VoIP and analog phones, call centers and fax lines were to be transitioned to the new phone service by May 31, 2020. We have contracted with a third party vendor to continue supporting our old phone system for a period of time, to allow us to more time to migrate everyone to the new phone system while adhering to social distancing rules.