Repeated restarts after OS X upgrade


After upgrading OS X, computer restarts over-and-over.

  • Hold down power button to shut down.
  • Start up in Safe Boot mode.

If start up in Safe Boot mode works, then the repeating restart issue may be an 3rd party app or service set to launch at start up time on the computer.

  • More often than not it is an older or uncommon speciality item (i.e. Auristor for accessing AFS) that is particular as to what OS it will run on, so becomes incompatible after the OS upgrade.

Use Safe Boot mode to access System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items to remove suspect 3rd party login items, or uninstall suspect 3rd party software/service.


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Mon 7/29/19 1:00 PM
Tue 11/12/19 10:35 AM