X-win32 for Windows

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X-Win32 - X11 server for Windows

An X11 server is needed for display of graphical output from remote Unix/Linux computers. After X-Win32 is installed, you will need to  download or create connections to the computers you wish to access.  X-Win32 is an alternative to the MobaXterm application.


This application is network licensed and requires a connection to the Dartmouth network each time you run X-Win32:

  1. Download and save X-Win32.msi
  2. Install X-Win32: In the downloads windows in the browser, select "open" or "install" and accept all defaults.
  3. Configure the license
    • Start X-Win32 from the  windows/start menu
    • On first run, a License Activation dialog will appear.  Select License Server as the type.
    • Enter xwin32license.dartmouth.edu for Hostname.  Leave Port blank
    • Click OK
  4. Optionally download connections.zip (Connections can be downloaded or set up manually)
    • Double click the Connections folder.  This is a set of example connections for logging in to the Research Computing servers Andes and Polaris.
    • Double click a saved connection to connect to a server.
  5. If another SSH client such as PuTTY is used for remote login to a Unix/Linux server, then X-Win32 can be left running iconified, and when the remote system sends graphical content, it will be rendered by X-win32.



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