Greenprint Troubleshooting for MacOS

  1. Make sure the computer is connected to Eduroam
  2. Check the DNS Values
    • Click on the Wifi icon in the Finder toolbar at the top of the screen
    • Select Open Network Preferences
    • Click Advanced at the bottom of the box
    • Click on the DNS tab.
    • The values under DNS Servers should be
    • If they are incorrect, select the existing values and click the "-" button at the bottom
    • If they are grayed out, click on the "+" and then the "-" to return them to default values
    • Click OK, then Apply
  3. Uninstall GreenPrint and the Pharos Client
    • On the Finder toolbar, click Go and select Computer from the drop down menu
    • Select Macintosh HD
    • Go into Library > Application Support > Pharos> Utilities
    • Select all Pharos components to uninstall
    • Continue to run through the Uninstaller until it is complete
  4. Reinstall GreenPrint for Mac or for Windows
  5. Add Pharos “Notify” and “Popup” to Login Items
    • Click on the Apple Menu (Logo) and select System Preferences from the drop down menu
    • Click on Users & Groups
    • Select the appropriate User account, then click on Login Items at the top of the window
    • Click on the “+” button below the list of items
    • Go to the User’s MacBook Pro, then select their hard drive (ie: Macintosh HD)
    • Go into Library > Application Support > Pharos
    • Select Notify and Popup, then click Add


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