How to open MHT (MIME HTML) file?


What is MHT format?

MHT is a web page archive format which stands for MIME HTML. In Internet Explorer browser, when you save a web page it is saved in MHT format. MHT format files mainly open in browsers like Internet Explorer,Firefox with the help of an add-on. Files with the extension MHT are used by Internet Explorer browser to save a Web page as a single file. MHT can also be created and viewed by other web browsers after installing an add-on or changing browser settings. Although it is useful for saving a web page, there is no standard for creating & using these files. Hence, MHT format files created with a particular web browser may or may not display the content correctly in another web browser. MHT format files does not save images, it only saves links to the online images.If the online images are moved, deleted or renamed, they will not be visible when the User attempts to open MHT File in any other web browser.


Use one of the following web browsers to open MHT files. Note: Microsoft Edge does not support MHT format. Microsoft Word supports MHT formats, but if a hyperlink in an MHT file is damaged or corrupted, Word will not be able to open the file.

  1. Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer is the first browser to support MHT file format.
  2. Opera: In this web browser support for saving web pages as MHT format was made available in the Opera 9.0 web browser and above.
  3. Google Chrome:MHT files are supported in Google Chrome by using "Save as MHTML" process.
  4. Firefox:Mozilla Firefox requires an add-on to open MHT file format .These are in Mozilla Archive Format and UnMHT.
  5. Safari: In Safari version 3.2 and above version web browsers, support for MHT files can be added to Safari via various third-party extension tools.
MHT File Error when viewing in another Web Browser
  1. Sometimes when you double click an MHT extension and you get the MHT error "Windows can't open this file," you need to associate the file type with a program.
  2. Choose "Select a program from a list of installed programs," click "OK," then choose a web browser, preferably Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word.
If your MHT extension still does not open then convert MHT to PDF format. This is the last option to repair MHT file.
Follow the steps to convert MHT to PDF:
  • MHT Repair through PDF : Internet Explorer
  1. Right-click on the mht extension and select "Open with" Internet Explorer
  2. Press the Alt button to show web browser menu,Now Go to File > Print and within Select Printer section click on PDF
  3. In Print window select PDF as the printer driver and Choose to Print
  4. Select Print and browse a location where you want to save repaired MHT file. After the PDF is created, saved the file and will be automatically opened up by default in PDF viewer.
  • MHT Repair through PDF : Mozilla Firefox
  1. Open the browser and Choose File > Open File or press Ctrl+O to open mht file extension for printing
  2. After opening the file press Ctrl+P or select File > Print to start the printing process
  3. In the Print window select PDF as the printing option
  4. Click on OK and choose a location where you want the save your file as PDF file in order to fix MHT
  • MHT Repair through PDF : Microsoft Word
  1. Open Microsoft Word. Now, click on File > Open to browse for the file you want to convert
  2. Click File > Print and from the Printer window select PDF as the printing option
  3. Click on Print then OK to convert the MHT to PDF and restore MHT File


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