CrashPlan - shutdown warning - How do I turn it off?

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Since the upgrade to Code42 CrashPlan version 6.8.7, some users see a Code42 CrashPlan warning during logoff or shutdown "Backup still in progress".

This issue has been resolved as of CrashPlan version 7.

  • This is a known warning, and it is OK to continue with shutdown or logoff as CrashPlan does allow for this without harm to the backup.

To turn off the back up warning, use the following steps.

  1. Open and login to the CrashPlan application.
  2. Press the following appropriate key command to open the Command Line Interface (CLI) window.
    • Control+Shift+C (Windows/Linux), or
    • Option+Command+C (Mac OS X)
  3. In the Command Line Interface window, enter
    • setting set device_logoffWarning_enable false
  4. Press Enter.
  5. You will see "Setting Updated" as confirmation.


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