Configuring network printing for HP LaserJet P2015dn

Configure fixed IP for LaserJet P2015dn network printer, connect to Mac OS and Windows laptops


HP LaserJet P2015 - configure fixed IP provided by Network Services

  1. Reset printer JetDirect to factory settings to clear network settings.
  2. Plug in ethernet cable, make sure wall jack is active, should see green and orange blinking lights on printer's ethernet connector.
  3. Print network configuration, check for valid DHCP IP address.
  4. Open browser and enter printer's IP address in URL field.
    1. Select Network Settings tab.
    2. Select Manual IP configuration.
    3. Enter fixed IP provided by Network Services.
    4. Save, then restart printer.
  5. Print network configuration page, confirm fixed IP address.

Download  and install HP LaserJet P2015 print drivers -

Windows 10 set up

  1. Click on Windows start button
  2. Type Control Panel > Device & Printers
  3. Select Add a printer > The printer I want isn’t listed
  4. Select Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter the following
    1. Device Type: Autodetect
    2. Hostname or IP address: (e.g.
    3. Check: Query the printer and automatically select driver to use
  7. Next
  8. Printer Name: (e.g.
  9. Next
  10. Check: Do not share this printer
  11. Next
  12. Finish
  13. Close Device & Printers window

MacOS set-up 

  1. Open System Preferences > Printer & Scanners windows
  2. Click “+”
  3. Select IP, enter the following
    1. Address:
    2. Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD
    3. Queue: leave blank
    4. Name: (should auto fill)
    5. Location: Room number (e.g. Wentworth 109)
  4. Use: HP LaserJet P2015 Series (should auto fill if print drivers were downloaded and installed)
  5. Click Add
  6. Check Duplex Unit
  7. Click OK
  8. If enabled, uncheck Share this printer on the network
  9. Close Printer & Scanner > System Preferences windows
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