Mailbox restore request for a recently graduated alumnus

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Process for Alumni Help Desk (AHD) to request a mailbox restore for a recent Dartmouth Alumnus who needs to regain access to their Dartmouth email for a temporary time frame

  1. Alumni contacts AHD via Vitalyst to request restore of mail in their recently deactivated student mailbox.

  2. Vitalyst validates request and ticket is created via Vitalyst email to, with Requestor being, authorizing the request and requesting the mailbox be reactivated for 2 weeks time period and the mail restored (date is set from the date that the mailbox restore is completed not when the request is received so we give the alum a full 2 weeks to log in and move content).

  3. The Vitalyst email to will contain a unique Org_ID and Call_ID and the "from" field will contain

  4. Dartmouth Service Desk will reset the alumni account to allow for mailbox content restoration using process described here.

  5. Dartmouth Service Desk will be able to initiate the mailbox restore using the process described here.

  6. When the restore is completed, Dartmouth Service Desk will notify AHD Vitalyst through the ticket that the restore is completed and they will contact the alumnus to provide assistance to access the mailbox and move the messages.  The notification will be sent to and must contain the Org_ID and Call_ID.  Dartmouth Service Desk can then close the ticket.


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