Outlook was redirected to the server autodiscover.dartmouth.edu with a wrong name


When opening Outlook, I am prompted with the following message: "Outlook was redirected to the server autodiscover.dartmouth.edu to get new settings for your account. <acount.name@dartmouth.edu>. Do you want to allow this server to configure your settings?" 

The issue is that the account name displayed in the message is not my account.


This article applies to users running Outlook in a Mac or Windows environment.


If the owner of a calendar makes a name change to their account, or the person is now an ex-employee, the next time you open your Outlook client, it will attempt to connect to the Exchange server to pull calendar information for their account. It will then detect that there has been a name change made to the account or you are trying to access an inactive account. This will result in the autodiscovery message. 


To resolve this issue, go into your calendar section in Outlook and delete the referenced account.




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