Bulk Account Renewals

 Departments may maintain multiple Departmental, Service, Sponsored, Organizational accounts that can be set to expire on the same day annually.

This same expiration date faciliates the process to review and request to renew these accounts in a bulk process, rather than requesting each account renewal individually.

It is the responsibility of the Department who owns and manages the accounts to maintain a list of the accounts they are responsible for, and to request of the Service Desk to renew the accounts in bulk, when it is necessary.  The Service Desk can provide a report of the status of accounts owned by a department, as long as the Department can provide the DeptClass(es) associated with the accounts.

The Department should contact the Service Desk for Bulk renewals at least 45 days prior to the set expiration date. This will allow time to review the accounts set the renewals before the 30-day expiration notice is sent to the accounts, which can generate questions and requests for help with the accounts.


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