Eduroam Wireless keeps disconnecting when I go to another location

This issue occurs if the connect automatically box is not checked under the Eduroam Wireless Connection.  Check that box and you should now be able to stay connected.  If your connection is still getting dropped, the box is not staying checked, so you will need to reset your wireless connections.

  1. Click the Wireless icon in the taskbar.  Note: if you already have a VPN connection the icon may look like it is an ethernet connection. Disconnect from the VPN
  2. Click Network and Internet Settings.
  3. Click Wi-Fi under Network and Internet
  4. Click Manage known networks under the Wifi column
  5. Click eduroam and choose forget (this is also a good time to forget any other wireless connections you don't use any more or very often including Dartmouth Public.)
  6. X out and go back to your wireless icon in the task bar and click Eduroam.  Make sure the connect automatically box is check, (it should now be already by default) and click connect
  7. You can now reconnect to the VPN, if necessary.
  8. If the issue is still occurring after testing check to see if Intel Wireless Software is installed in Programs and Features.  If it is there you will need to remove it.  (Note, when you run Dell Command Updates it will install this software and often times it blocks the wireless driver completely.) This also affects VPN connections.

  9. If the issue is still occurring, disable the power saving mode for the wireless adapter under the advanced settings in power options.

  10. Another symptom may be the laptop will freeze or the screen will remain black.


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Tue 1/8/19 12:11 PM
Wed 12/18/19 3:06 PM