Move Office Phone

When you need to move your office phone to a different location, even if it is to a different jack within the same room, you need to submit a service request to IT. This is because the Cisco IP phones require power to be delivered to the Ethernet port along with the data (most Ethernet ports are not configured for that), and the phones need to be registered with IT in a specific jack for 911 purposes.. See to submit the request.

If you just need to unplug your phone for a period of time (e.g. moving furniture, new carpeting), and it is NOT a phone in a Dartmouth residence (e.g. dorm room) but plan to plug it back into the same jack in the same room, you do NOT need to let IT know. Just unplug it when you need it then plug it back in when you're ready. Once plugged back in, it will take a minute or two for the initialization to begin, then it should come back up. 



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