Delegate Access for Email in Outlook



Manager needs to give delegate access permission in two places:

In Outlook, go to File>Account Settings>Delegate Access> Click the "Add" button>Lookup the name of the Delegate and Add.  In the pop up box choose the permissions level for "Inbox".  Author Level will allow "send on behalf" permissions, Editor level will allow "Send as" permissions.

Next in Outlook, Go to root level of mailbox (, Right-click> Folder Permissions>Permissions Tab> Add Button>Lookup the name of the Delegate>Set Permissions Level to "Author".  Can also set other permission items such as "Delete items" to "None".

Delegate will need to open the inbox of manager in their Outlook using the following process:

In Outlook, go to File>Account Settings>Account Settings>Double-Click on your account, then choose the "More settings" button>Advanced Tab>Add Button>Lookup the name of the manager>Click "Apply">Close and reopen Outlook.  The Inbox only for the Manager's account should be now visible in Outlook.

Delegate can now create a new email, make the "From" button visible in the Options tab, use the "from" dropdown to choose the Manager's account to send from.



In Outlook, go to the Outlook menu > Preferences > Accounts.

Click the Advanced tab.

Click the Delegates tab.

Click the + button and type in the name of the person you wish to add and click the Add button. 

A new Permissions window pops up. Select the permissions you wish to give to your newly created delegate (the default is Editor for calendar and tasks; the default for inbox, contacts and notes is None). 

Click OK twice.

Log into and enter your netid and password.

Right click the Inbox under the email account and choose permissions

Click the + and add the email address of the person you want to add delegate permissions.

Choose the permissions you would like them to have.

Click okay.


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