Office 365 Groups Using Outlook 2016


To create a group:


Join a Group by Search:

  1. On the Home tab, enter the group name in the Search People box.
  2. When you find the group that you're looking for, select it from the list.
  3. On the group's contact card, click Request to Join (if its a private group) or Join (if its a public group). If the group is private, a request will be sent to the group's admin, who can accept or decline the request.

Join a Group from an Email:

You might receive an email message from a group that you're not a member of and decide to join the group.

  1. Select Join on the group header in the right corner of the reading pane. If the group is private, you'll see Request to Join instead, and will be asked to provide a reason for joining.
  2. Wait for your request to go through, or for the group's admin to add you if you're trying to join a private group.
  3. Once you've joined the group, you'll see detailed membership status as well as a shortcut to navigate to the group's inbox.

Edit a Group in Outlook 2016:

After you create a group, you can change any information related to the group or delete it if you no longer need it.

  1. Click your group in the left navigation column, under Groups.
  2. Select Edit Group on the ribbon.
  3. Edit any of the settings and options below:
  • Group's name, description, or language: To pick a new group photo, click the Edit link in the bottom right corner of the current group photo. You'll be re-directed to Outlook Web App, where you can click Change photo on the current group photo and upload a new one from your computer.
  • To add a member to your group, type and then select the name of the person you want to join the group in the Search People box. In the Members box, you can make someone an admin or remove admin permission.
  • After a group outlives its intended purpose, you can delete it to free up system resources by clicking Delete group in the lower left corner of the window.
    Warning: You cannot delete a portion of a group. If you select to "delete" you are permanently removing all group conversations, email messages, files, calendar events, and other related information.



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