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FileMaker offers the ability to publish a FileMaker database to the web so that people can access the database without having the FileMaker client installed. However, there are limitations to accessing a FileMaker database via the web. 

FileMaker databases that contains sensitive or confidential data should NOT be published to the web as there are not enough controls to ensure the data is only seen by the people for whom it is intended. See Dartmouth's Information Security Policy for information on what constituted sensitive or confidential information. 

If your database does not contain, and you want to make it available via the web, below is a table outlining the differences between the web version and the client version.

FileMaker Web Version  Included  Not Included 
 Implicit Record Commits  X  
 Data Entry Validation  X  
 Conditional Formatting  X  
 Modern Layout Themes  X  
 Script Triggers  X  
 Quick Find  X  
 PDF Creation and Printing  X  
 Choose Layouts and Different Layout Views  X  
 Add, Delete or Modify Fields, Layout, Scripts, Relationships, Value Lists or Other Database Schema    X
 Support for Table View. If a layout's default view is Table, the layout displays in a different view. If no other views are enabled, the layout displays in List View.    X
 Allow Users to Click Objects that are Located Behind Other Layout Objects    X
 Highlighting, Paragraph Text Styles, Tab Stops    X
 Rich Text Applied to Fields, Buttons and Layout Text  X  
 Rich Text Applied to Items Other Than Fields, Buttons and Layout Text    X
 FileMaker Pro Advanced Custom Menus    X


See for more information. 



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