Dell D6000 Dock

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Dell’s D6000 Universal Dock is the dock that Dartmouth deploys with the Dell Latitude 7480 laptop. Unlike previous Dell docks, the D6000 does not have its own power switch. This means when your laptop is in the docking station, to turn on the laptop, you will need to use the power button on the laptop; not on the docking station.

As long as your laptop is connected to the dock, and the dock is plugged into an electrical outlet, the battery on the laptop will charge. D6000 charges laptop batteries at 60W. If the D6000 is connected to 130W rated laptop (e.g. 15" Dell Latitude 5590) the battery will not charge. Plug the power adapter directly into the laptop to charge the battery.

In addition, the D6000 will need to be registered on the network in order for any laptop that is connected to the dock to have access to the network. With your laptop connected to the dock, and an Ethernet cord plugged into the dock, open a web browser on your computer and go to In the Computer Description field, enter a description of your computer that is docked, along with “dock”; for example, “John Doe’s 7480 dock”. This will be used in the future if there is an issue on the network and we need to track it back to a specific device. Click Continue. After approximately two minutes, any device that is connected to this dock will have network access.

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*Note: The Dell D6000 Universal Dock will also work on MAC's with a USB-C connector. The drivers will not auto-discover, like on Windows. You must download and install the drivers. Drivers can be found here Please select the correct download for the version of MAC OS you are running.


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