Switch SharePoint Online Site Back to Modern View

Many SharePoint Online sites are now using the "modern view", but there is a link in the lower left corner that reads Return to Classic SharePoint. Microsoft is moving toward Modern View and the Classic View will disappear at some point so we recommend NOT clicking this.

Switching to the Classic View only applies to the computer and web browser where the link was clicked. It doesn't apply to all users of the site. You do not need to have any enhanced privileges to see or click this link.

If you click this link, and switch to Classic View, there isn't a link that then allows you to switch back to Modern View. To switch back to Modern View, you need the clear the cache of the browser where you clicked Return to Classic SharePoint then restart the browser.



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Fri 11/2/18 11:24 AM
Mon 11/11/19 3:00 PM