Windows 10 Update Issue


Windows 10 Fall Creator (1709) can cause the Windows firewall to not start, even if rolled back. When this happens there are many different issues that you may experience, ranging from Windows built-in apps (like the calculator) to not work, to not being able to open Excel attachments that you received via email. To fix the issues caused by this update, follow the steps below. This also corrects similar issues with the Windows 10 Spring Creator (1703) update.

What Windows 10 version am I running?

In the Windows 10 search box, type winver and press Enter. A window will pop up telling you your current Windows version. 

Get Windows Repair tool

  1. Navigate to
  2. Download the one under Portable by clicking . This will give you a zip file that you can extract and run from a USB drive.
  3. Extract the folder, in the zip file, to your USB drive.

Run the Windows Repair tool

  1. Run Repair_Windows.exe. It will go through a loading process. Sometimes it will appear that it is stuck at 67%. Let it run.
  2. Click Jump to Repairs.
  3. Click Open Repairs.
  4. Unselect All by clicking the top check next to All repairs.
  5. Check the option 06 - Repair Windows Firewall.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and check 27.01 – Repair Windows 8/10 App Store.
  7. Click Start Repairs. This will start the repair process. You will see a few windows pop-up, showing progress.
  8. Once done, it will prompt you to restart. Click Restart.
  9. Once rebooted and logged in, check the firewall to see if its running.
  10. Test Windows apps, like Calculator, Edge or Photos. If they do not work, wait for a bit, and try again. If you get a message “This app can’t open” and offers a link “See in Store”, click it. You should then be able to reinstall that app.


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