Conference Accounts

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If you are planning a conference for which you would like a web site for marketing your conference, a collaboration site for preparing for the conference, or mailbox follow the steps below:

Web Site - While ITC does not provide support for creating and maintaining websites for conferences, if you are proficient in web design, you can request space on the Dartmouth web server for your conference materials. See WordPress at Dartmouth and/or Web Accounts Management System for information about creating a web site for your conference.

Collaboration Site - To request a Sharepoint site, to be used for collaboration on the planning for your conference, email Help and include the proposed name for the site, the name of its primary owner, the names and affiliations of those who will be accessing the site, and the start and end date of the conference.

Conference Email Account - To request a mailbox for your conference, complete the Departmental Email Account request form.

IT Support During the Conference - ITC only provides support for Dartmouth faculty, staff and students. Conference attendees who have issues with their computers while attending your conference will need to seek assistance with their normal IT providers.

Other Support - Conference and Events provides venue support - for example connecting to displays, sound or any other technical issues within the conference space. For assistance, email Conference and Events

A printer for conference attendees may be rented by contacting Procurement Services.


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