Securing Your iPad

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iPads are even more portable than laptops. Therefore, we recommend that you configure your iPad in the following manner to ensure the security of the data on the iPad in the event it is lost or stolen. These steps will: enable a passcode; automatically lock your iPad after a period of inactivity; automatically erase all data if a wrong passcode is entered multiple times.

Make sure to keep your iPad software up-to-date. To do this, make sure your iPad has an internet connection, then click the App Store icon and choose updates in the bottom right hand corner.

Configure your iPad to require a password to access. To do this, touch Settings from the main window, then General in the left column of the window that appears. Touch Passcode Lock in the right hand column. Make sure Simple Passcode is set to Off. Touch Turn Passcode On. In the Set Passcode window that appears, enter what you want for a passcode. It will appear as bullets as you enter it so that someone looking over your shoulder cannot see what you’re typing. The passcode must be at least 8 characters long, with one of the first 6 characters being a non-alphanumeric character (e.g. punctuation). Touch Next. Enter the passcode again when prompted. Touch Done. Next, touch Require Passcode then touch After 15 minutes. Finally, make sure Erase Data is On. With this last setting on, all data on your iPad will automatically be erased if an incorrect passcode is entered ten times in a row.

Configure your iPad to automatically lock after a period of non-use and require your passcode to access it. To do this, on your iPad touch Settings from the main window, then General in the left column of the window that appears. Touch Auto-Lock in the right hand column then touch the number of minutes of non-activity after which the screen will automatically lock. This should be set to 5 or 2 minutes.

Once your iPad has been configured as described above, you will be prompted to enter a passcode after 15 minutes of inactivity or when you first turn on your iPad. If you enter your password 5 times incorrectly, your iPad will be disabled for 1 minute; after the 6th failure, it is disabled for 5 minutes; after the 7th failure, it is disabled for 15 minutes; after the 8th failure, it is disabled for 60 minutes; after the 9th failure, it is disabled for 60 minutes; and after the 10th failure, your iPad is disabled and must be restored. This timing is designed to protect you against accidental erasure.

Copying Data from Your iPad to Your Computer. If you have data on your iPad that you won’t be able to easily get again, we recommend that you back up your data. To do this make sure your iPad has an internet connections then click Settings then iCloud. Make sure it is turned on.

Accessing Your iPad When You’ve Forgotten Your Passcode. You will need to reset your iPad back to factory settings. The first step is to open the iPad settings. This is accomplished in the Settings app, which is the app icon that looks like gears turning. Once inside the settings, locate the General settings on the left-side menu. The Reset option is at the very end of the general settings. Once on the Reset page, you will have several options. You might want to choose the first option: Reset All Settings. This will leave the data (music, movies, contacts, etc.) but reset the preferences.


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