Configure and Use Skype for Windows

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Do not use Skype to call emergency services. Unlike an ordinary telephone, Skype cannot automatically provide your location information to services such as 911.

Installing Skype

Windows users that already have Microsoft Office 2016 installed should already have Skype for Business 2016. If you are running an earlier version of Microsoft Office, and need an earlier version of Skype, see Install and Configure Skype for Business.

Configuring Skype

In the Sign-in Address field, enter your full email address (e.g. The password is your Dartmouth password.

Using Skype

In order to Skype with someone at Dartmouth, in the Find Someone box at the top of the Skype window, enter their full Dartmouth name (e.g. john a. doe). When their name appears in the list, click their name, then select the method in which you want to contact them - Instant Message, Call, Video Call.

Skype provides an online user guide's with detailed information on how to use the product. To access this guide, click the down arrow located to the immediate right of the gear icon found in the upper right corner of the Skype window, then Help, then Skype for Business Help.


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