Software Update on a Macintosh Computer


Starting with Mac OS X 10.6.8, Apple provides an easy way of downloading updates to their operating systems and other Apple applications from the Apple App Store. Your computer is set to automatically download updates.

To check the Apple App Store for updates currently available:

  1. Select the Apple icon, then Software Update.
  2. In the App Store window, select Updates.

Alternately, you can:

  1. Select the Apple icon.
  2. Click System Preferences then App Store.
  3. In the App Store window, click Show Updates to check for pending Mac OS X software updates.

Two types of Apple software udpates are available from the App Store:

  1. Updates for the Mac OS X include OS updates, security patches, Safari updates.
  2. Updates for OS X applications, e.g. iLife apps (iPhoto, Keynote, etc.).

Selecting updates for OS X applications requires an Apple App Store user name and password. Selecting just Mac OS X updates does not require an Apple App Store ID and password. Downloading and installing either or both types of updates will require a computer administrator account ID and password.


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