Sending a Document to GreenPrint


Note: If the computer you are using to print to GreenPrint is not connected to the Dartmouth network (e.g. via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly on the Eduroam wireless networks) then you need to start a VPN connection prior to printing to GreenPrint. See VPN for additional information.

  1. Once the Greenprint-KM software is installed, select GreenPrint-KM from the list of printers on your computer.
  2. If you have a GreenPrint printer, please delete it! Be sure you only have GreenPrint-KM as an option.
  3. You will be asked for your Dartmouth NetID, Dartmouth password, and a name for the print job.
  4. Your print job will be held in the print queue for 24 hours until you go to one of the GreenPrint printers (follow the link below to see the various locations on campus) and release your job.  After 24 hours in the print queue, the job will be deleted and you will need to resubmit it.
  5. To actually print the job you sent to the GreenPrint queue, walk up to the printer on which you want the job to print. Swipe your ID card, or enter your Dartmouth NetID and Dartmouth password.
  6. Select your print job from the list and click the blue Start button at the printer.
  7. NOTE: If the file you are printing has a lot of graphics in it or is a .pdf, it may take a few minutes to print - please be patient. The job is being processed when the Blue light on the front of the printer is flashing. When the white light on the front of the printer begins flashing, the print job you released will be printed.


Greenprint-KM defaults to double-sided printing. Please follow the directions at Single or Double-Sided Printing with GreenPrint to print single-sided.

Greenprint only supports printing on 8-1/2" x 11" (US Letter) paper.

To release a job (print) on a GreenPrint printer you must first have submitted a job successfully to the GreenPrint printing system - either using the GreenPrint software installed on your computer or by using the Greenprint Mobile service.

After the GreenPrint-KM software is installed on your computer, when you print a file to the GreenPrint system, the software will automatically look for updates. A box may pop up on your computer showing that it is looking for "Pharos updates". This will occur once every 24-hours.

For more information related to this topic, see:

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