Set Separate Scan ON as Default on a Konica Minolta

Tags KM-Copier MFD


  1. Press the Scan/Fax button.
  2. Select Application.
  3. Select Separate Scan to turn it ON.
  4. Press the Menu button.
  5. Select Utility.
  6. Press User Settings, then Scan/Fax Settings, then Default Scan/Fax Settings.
  7. If Current Setting is selected, change selection to Default Setting, then press OK.
  8. Select Default Scan/Fax Settings, then change selection back to Current Settings, and press OK.
  9. Press OK, then Close the each following window to return to the main Scan/Fax window.
  10. Separate Scan should now remain ON as the default setting.


For more information on the features and functionality options for Konica Minolta devices, see

Your can select to read online or download the user guide for your department's Konica Minolta.



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