Gatekeeper for Macintosh


GateKeeper, Malware Removal Tool, and XProtect are all part of the Macintosh OS X system and with the exception of Gatekeeper, have no direct user interface.

Gatekeeper is part of the Security & Privacy system preference, under the General tab where it is set to "allow apps from the App Store " and includes also allowing apps from "identified developers”.

The Malware Removal Tool ( and XProtect are "built-in security technologies” that would receive updates via Apple when available.

These three system features are built-into the operating system are updated with regular system software updates. So, there is nothing you would need to do to configure these; you just need to make sure your computer is kept up-to-date with the latest operating system updates.

The good news is that our security team has been piloting a couple of new antivirus products for campus, and we hope to have one of them selected and available soon.


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