Practica Musica for Macintosh

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This application is KeyServed and requires KeyAccess be installed on your computer, as well as a connection to the Dartmouth network each time you run Practica Musica.

  1. Download Practica Musica for Macintosh.
  2. If the file does not unzip automatically, save the to your computer, then navigate to where your web browser downloads files and double click
  3. The file will unzip resulting in a Practica_Musica_Mac folder, please refer to the ReadMe_Practica_Musica.rtf document for installation instructions.


Practica Musica is software for music theory and ear training. 

Students enrolled in a class with the Music Department will be assigned to a "WebStudents" account with Ars Nova. Your instructor will give you the necessary information. The program may also be used stand-alone with the "Visitor" student file.

  • Version: 5.1
  • File Name:
  • File Size: 60 MB
  • File Date: September 28, 2009

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