Incoming Students Ordering a Computer

Placing Your Order

To place your order online go to the Class of 2023 link at (this will come online in mid-May). Students can order computers through this website at any time once they have their Dartmouth credentials (sometime in mid-May). However, in order to help ensure that your computer is here for the start of the Fall term, orders should be placed prior to August 1, 2018.

If you have a problem ordering online, after mid-May, call the hotline number at (603) 646-1104 if you are calling from the U.S. or Canada. From outside the U.S. or Canada, call toll-free at (866) 720-7567.

Home Shipping

If you plan to have your computer shipped to your home during the summer, you will need to use your credit card. Alternatively, if you wait to pick up your computer, the cost will be added to your initial College bill and is due with that payment. This is the only time Dartmouth allows you to charge items from The Computer Store to your student account. The standard Dartmouth policies for payment of tuition and fees apply.

Buy It When You Get Here

If you choose not to order a computer now and instead decide to purchase a computer from Dartmouth later, your student account can be charged for one computer during your first year at Dartmouth. By delaying your purchase decision until shortly after you arrive at Dartmouth, you may give yourself additional time to assess the computing environment, evaluate the equipment on display at The Computer Store, and check used equipment listings. However, delaying your purchase may make it difficult for you to take advantage of some early-term computer-based activities. Special pricing, Dartmouth software installation and configuration, and delivery are only available when ordering your computer from Dartmouth at this time.

Students who are delaying their decision must remember that they have until October 9, 2018 to comply with the computer ownership requirement

Before You Order

The computer industry changes quickly, and product lines from computer manufacturers can change unexpectedly. Prices drop, performance increases, and new products are introduced. Watch the website for late-breaking news.

Additional Notes

There is no sales tax in New Hampshire.

You may pay by credit card if you decide to have your computer shipped to you over the summer. Otherwise, the cost of the items ordered from the Web will be added to your initial Dartmouth College bill and is due with that payment.


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