Unable to Use A GreenPrint Printer


There are four main reasons you may not be able to release a job at a GreenPrint printer:

  • First, you may not be authorized to use a particular printer. If this is the case, a message will be output to the printer clearly indicating you do not have permission to use that printer. If you are a Dartmouth student or faculty member, you should never see this message. If you do, submit a support request at dartgo.org/techhelp and tell us the message you received and the Greenprint printer number you were trying to use.
  • Second, students may not have enough funds available to print. This can happen if you have used up your $20 per term printing allocation and your DA$H discretionary account has reached a negative $100. If this is the case, you can make a payment against your DA$H deficit to reduce the outstanding negative balance to less than $100. Please ensure the payment you make is enough to fund the print jobs you need to print.
  • Third, Greenprint only prints US Letter sized paper (8.5" x 11").  Paper sizes such as A4, B2, US Legal will not print or will not print properly.
  • Lastly, if you are a new arrival at Dartmouth College or have gotten a new Dartmouth ID Card, it is possible that your account (new Dartmouth ID Card) is not active in the Greenprint system. To remedy this, just swipe your Dartmouth ID Card at any of the Greenprint Release Stations to register (or re-register) your ID Card for your account.


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