Incoming Students Bringing a Computer from Home


If you already own a computer, or plan to buy one from someone other than Dartmouth's Computer Store, please be aware that you will not be entitled to a free loaner from the Computer Store and will be charged a service fee if you bring your computer to the Computer Store for service.

Additionally, if you experience a problem with a computer that is not one of our supported models, you may be referred off campus for support. (The Computer Store is an authorized Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo repair location.)

If you bring a computer from home, it should have antivirus software installed and active. Computers that contract viruses will be denied access to the network until all viruses have been removed. Antivirus software is included as part of the Windows operating system (Windows Defender); Antivirus software is included as part of the Macintosh operating system (File Quarantine/XProtect).

In addition, computers brought from home may have network compatibility problems. In some cases, these problems cannot be resolved, and as a result, these systems do not meet the computer ownership requirement. You should not assume that because you are bringing a relatively new brand name computer that it will work properly on our network. Please email us at or call us (866-720-7567) to make sure you can use your computer here.

Whatever you bring, Dartmouth students can purchase software, cables, and accessories from The Computer Store. On many items, The Computer Store is able to obtain educational discounts that can save you money.


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