Protect Your Computer from Malware

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To minimize the chance of your computer being infected by a virus or other type of malware, we strongly recommend you have a malware protection program installed on your computer, and that it be set to scan any external drive or file you download from the Web. Both Macintosh OS X and Windows 10 have built-in anti-virus software. See below for information on configuring this. 

Your computing habits can also help prevent the spread of malware, simply by being aware while surfing the Web and or when you receive emails with attachments. Simple actions such as not clicking on links that will take you to Web sites you don't know or trust, closing the window on a web browser instead of the button inside marked cancel, deleting email from unknown senders, or not opening attachments received via email that you were not expecting - even if you know the sender - can often be one of your best defenses.

Gatekeeper for Macintosh

Windows Defender for Windows 10


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