Getting help with GreenPrint


If you are having problems with the GreenPrint software on your computer, contact the IT Service Desk or your department's IT support office by submitting a support request at or by calling 603-646-2999 at any time.

To see the balance on your Greenprint account, log into a Greenprint printer (release station locations). The balance will be shown on the display.

To request a Greenprint Refund, complete the Refund Request Form.

When requesting help, please include:

  • The problem you experienced.
  • The number of pages you expected to print.
  • The document's type (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.).
  • The date and time of the problem.
  • The location and number of the Release Station you were using.
  • Whether you were using a black & white or COLOR Release Station.


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