GreenPrint Printing Allotment


GreenPrint is Dartmouth's public printing system.

Printing allotments:

  • For students, the College provides an allocation of free printing each term. The current per term quota is $20 for printing on GreenPrint printers. When the quota for printing is exceeded charges will be transferred to the student's DA$H Discretionary account.
  • Dartmouth faculty have unlimited access to the black-and-white printers located in the Libraries.
  • For Library patrons and individuals who are not affiliated with the College, go to the Library's Circulation Desk to purchase GreenPrint Guest cards and receive printing instructions.

Rates for GreenPrint printing are as follows:

  • Black-and-white single-sided printing: $0.06 per page
  • Black-and-white double-sided printing: $0.085 per page
  • Color printing: $0.49 per page.
  • Color double-sided printing: $0.89


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