Cyber Security Initiative


The Dartmouth Cyber Security Initiative (CSI) is an ongoing collaboration between faculty, students, and staff within:

History of the CSI can be found at the attached article: The Dartmouth Cyber Security initiative (IEEE, November/December 09, PDF document)


The CSI group is focused on projects aimed at improving the security of the College's information systems. By coordinating research interests with practical concerns, the initiative has resulted in a number of innovative tools and procedures currently in use on production systems.


Ongoing goals of the initiative include:

  • Assess vulnerabilities of the infrastructure, desktops, and applications.
  • Make recommendations for improving the security of Dartmouth's assets.
  • Develop applications and procedures to improve the operational security of the College's information systems.
  • Train people to use more secure ways of accessing and transferring data, and to recognize security holes.


Every year the CSI group holds a conference on information security and how it affects college campuses. For more information, see Securing the eCampus.

To Join

If you are a Dartmouth faculty or student who is interested in participating in this group, please send an email to


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