System Outage Notifications

Information, Technology & Consulting developed a system named DartPulse as a way to more effectively communicate with members of the Dartmouth community information regarding planned and unplanned outages of technology resources. This includes central systems and services, network infrastructure, telephones, and Xfinity. System administrators, network engineers, and database administrators post information to the DartPulse system if they are planning to take a system or service down at a particular time, or if a system goes down unexpectedly. Members of the Dartmouth community can use DartPulse to see if the reason they are having a problem is due to an outage of the system or service they are trying to use.

Members of the Dartmouth community can subscribe to DartPulse in order to automatically receive outage notifications via email when a particular system or service goes down. For information on how to subscribe to particular systems or services monitored by DartPulse, visit DartPulse and click E-mail Subscriptions.

To subscribe to DartPulse:

  1. Click E-mail Subscriptions in the right-hand column of the DartPulse window.
  2. Log in, if prompted, using your NetID and password.
  3. In the Service Name field, select the type of outage for which you are interested in receiving an email notification. If you want to receive all DartPulse notifications, select ** Everything ** in the field.
  4. In the Type of Event field, place a check in the box next to the type of information you want to receive via DartPulse. If you want to receive everything, leave this field blank.
  5. In the Accept or Reject field, select Accept then click Add Subscription.


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