Dartmouth's Connections to the Internet


Dartmouth is connected to the Internet via 2 separate ISP providers: Level3 and VermontTel. Each provider is connected at 2Gbps to the college.

We attach to Level 3 (a tier one provider) in Boston at the regional ISP distribution point called the Northern Crossroads (NOX) which is managed by MIT. We transport our traffic to the NOX via a regional optical network which we are a consortium partner in with the University of New Hampshire, and the University of Maine.

Vermont Tel (our regional ISP) brings fiber into the campus and this is the other means of connection between us and the Internet.

For access to Internet2, we use the regional optical network to attach to the NOX where we connect into the Internet2 network.

Through our consortium agreement, we also reach Internet2 in Cleveland Ohio, which provides a backup connection to Internet2.


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