Eduroam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I begin using Eduroam?

Click this link to find out how to configure the Eduroam wireless network on your computer. Once you do this, whenever you are at any institution with Eduroam, you will be connected to that institution's Eduroam wireless network.

I'm visiting Dartmouth and cannot connect to Eduroam.

If you cannot connect to Dartmouth's Eduroam network, you need to contact your home institution for assistance. Your ability to connect to Dartmouth's Eduroam network relies on your home institutions configuration and support of Eduroam. See for a current listing on institutions that use Eduroam and whether they are functional.

I keep losing my Eduroam connection.

  1. Forget the "Dartmouth Public" wireless network on your device. When a device has “remembered” both Eduroam and Dartmouth Public, it can randomly decide to disconnect from one network and connect to the other, even if you’re in the middle of working. By having your device “forget” Dartmouth Public, you can ensure that it will remain connected to Eduroam at all times. This is the primary cause of people’s Wi-Fi issues on campus. See (Mac) or (Win) for more information. 
  2. If you have a router in your room, unplug it. If you have set up your own Wi-Fi router, Time Capsule, Apple TV, Air Media, or similar device that creates its own Wi-Fi signal, shut off its Wi-Fi and connect it with an Ethernet cable to the network jack in your room or office. It will perform better on a wired connection and will not cause interference with the eduroam Wi-Fi service in your area.


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