I Don't Want to Authenticate to the Wireless Network



Dartmouth faculty, staff and students should note that some Dartmouth services (e.g. GreenPrint, some library resources, some network servers, etc.) will not be available to you if you use the Dartmouth Public or Dartmouth Library Public wireless networks.

The wireless networks named Dartmouth Public and Dartmouth Library Public do not require authentication. Users on Dartmouth Public will not have access to many on-campus resources.

The Dartmouth Library Public wireless network is located only in buildings that house Libraries and does not require you to accept any terms of use.

Dartmouth Public and Dartmouth Library Public do NOT encrypt your data as it is sent through the air; Eduroam does encrypt your data - that is why it is recommended for Dartmouth faculty, staff and students.


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Tue 10/9/18 12:19 PM
Wed 12/18/19 3:13 PM