Web Options for UNIX and AFS Users


The Web server running on www.dartmouth.edu cannot serve pages directly from AFS. Another system, caligari.dartmouth.edu, runs a Web server that can directly serve pages out of a user's account.

Below are two options for people who want to have web pages, but keep them in AFS and maintain them directly from their AFS account.

  • Option 1 (direct delivery from caligari)
  • Option 2 (redirect from www.dartmouth.edu)

Option 1 (enabled on all new accounts)

Make a public_html directory in your AFS account and put your pages in that directory. The machine caligari.dartmouth.edu runs a Web server and sees all the AFS server files, so your URL would be http://caligari.dartmouth.edu/~username

Users cannot log in to Caligari directly, but it sees all your files. All AFS accounts are automatically enabled on Caligari. Make sure your public_html directory is readable by the Web server. To make sure it is, run the command fs sa ~/public_html http_server rl


  • Files are easily edited directly from any AFS client computer.
  • Can use Web development tools on UNIX/Linux workstations to better advantage.


  • URL is not www.dartmouth.edu.

Option 2

Follow the instructions to serve pages off caligari.dartmouth.edu as in Option 1, then obtain a www.dartmouth.edu account. In your www.dartmouth.edu account, place a file named .htaccess (the leading "." is important) containing the lines:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://caligari.dartmouth.edu/~USERNAME/$1
RewriteRule /home/people/u/username/(.*)

Replace username with your own username (and u by the initial letter). This causes the web server on www to call caligari.dartmouth.edu instead, for all requested pages.


  • The URL is www.dartmouth.edu/~username


  • Less efficient. Clients need to contact both servers.

Note: Both servers run PHP files. Neither server directly runs arbitrary user CGI scripts. If you want to dabble with CGI scripts, you should request a test/development account on Cobweb. Cobweb is an experimental server, with less restrictive policies and intended for learning and developing Web tools.


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