Leaving Dartmouth


When your time as a student at Dartmouth is complete, your Dartmouth.edu address will continue to exist, but the mailbox attached to your account will be deleted within 60 days of your departure. In order to not lose any messages, contacts or calendar events, you need to set up your Dartmouth.edu address to forward to another non-Dartmouth account prior to your mailbox deactivation.

To help you manage this change, the Alumni Help Desk provides alumni with information (see below) on how to obtain, setup, and configure free e-mail accounts that are offered by Microsoft or Google. They will also assist with configuring those accounts to allow you to send e-mail from your Dartmouth.edu address. This will allow you to receive and send mail from a Microsoft or Google account but use a Dartmouth.edu address.

In addition, you will loose access to your OneDrive space attached to your Dartmouth.edu account.

See the links below for information on transitioning your data before you account switches to an alumni status.


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